B2B-Export.com is an online trading platform, media resource and professional community that enables customers from all over the world to source goods and technologies from Russia.

In support of trade and cooperation between Russia and perspective emerging markets we organize international events from business-missions to full-scale conferences.


Moscow City at night




This tour is a short immersive experience  which combine business and cultural learning to explore new growth opportunities for your business and partnership with Russia. Visit factories and showrooms to learn more about the goods and services that you are interested in. 

Forum is a series of events in Moscow aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and developing partnerships between Russia and Mexico, as well as promoting the Mexico brand  to the citizens of Russia, the government and the business community.

Learning Journey is  an immersive learning experience that will blend education and exploration, focusing on detailed case studies  and emerging experiential engagement to expose students  to the opportunities and challenges of doing business in emerging markets.


B2B-Export.com has successfully hosted 7 Russian-African Forum events, as well as delegates from over 20 African countries at the Innoprom (international industrial exhibition in Russia) every July. We have organized Russian businesses to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and China and we host delegates from other countries in Russia every year with our Introduction tour program.



I was surprised and impressed by terrific cuisine and the amount of diversity in Russia. Moscow was full of soul and culture and the Russians are very proud of it. The architecture and monuments were great. And the cultural performances at the gala dinner for the conference were just brilliant. There’s lots to love about Russian culture.  Russia is affordable: I expected Russia to be expensive, like a typical oil country. I was surprised that things like cabs and good restaurant food were not very expensive when compared to other large cities. This was one of the best things about being a tourist in Moscow. All in all, it was an amazing trip that was very revealing.

Guest from Botswana

My trip to Russia was a very big surprise. What is said outside, mostly negative rethorics and what I saw is completly opposite. Very plesant place, top infrastructure (both very modern and very classical), very rich culture  and more importantly, great people, really great people. What was useful for my business – I  met people  from various fields and engaged in discussions with some. Less than two years later, one of those companies is my partner into a venture targeting Zambia and DRCongo. I’ll definitly come back as often as i can.

Willy Yav, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The trip to Russia left a lasting impression on me because not only did it shatter all the stereotypes i had about the country. But it also provided me an opportunity to form new friendships. As a result of the trip now I have a business partner in Russia. We are currently exploring several opportunities including creating a platform for young executives from African countries and other emerging markets to visit Russia and learn from some of the amazing best practices their Russian counterparts have to offer and vice-versa. Further I observed opportunities in fintech and other tech enables platforms that are potentially lucrative.

Isaac Kwaku Fokuo, Ghana

My trip to Russia was an eye opener for me. It was one stop shop for industry and commerce. We had a lot of contact with machinery and equipment manufacturing companies who we are talking to through B2B Export hence this current visit.

Bernard K.Blewu, Ghana


is the biggest and the fastest-growing Russian export goods platform offering the whole variety of products and services from Russia. Founded in 2015, we have facilitated over 80 export B2B transactions. Any products you might need for your business can be found for you in Russia by our sourcing managers with the best price and guaranteed quality.

In 2019 have launched the reverse platform to help suppliers from Africa, Asia and Latin America find new customers and enter the market in Russia.